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Hello Friends,

Welcome to the Cardinal Country and Gospel Music Association! We are excited that you have stopped by!  As the CEO/President of the CCGMA I would like to share who we are and what our mission is. CCGMA is an organization focused on providing artist development for the independent artist, entertainer, musician and songwriter.

The music industry of today, is dominated by super stars promoted by major labels, radio stations, and distributors throughout the world, especially in the United States. Everyday thousands of entertainers, artists, musicians, and songwriters possessing equal talent of the major stars go unheard by the general public because of lack of exposure.

This exposure is almost impossible to obtain without the support and avenues that the major music industry provides.  CCGMA was organized to change this method of limited exposure and bring the unheard and talented individuals to the hearts and ears of fans all over the world. We aspire to gain a national and international reputation as the unbiased and independent guardian of country, gospel and bluegrass music, ensuring a healthy mix of entertainers, artists, musicians, and songwriters presented to the listeners of the world.

If you are an aspiring artist, musician or songwriter and would like to be a part of something wonderful, please continue to scroll through the site. There is something for everyone. Our Board of Directors is comprised of uniquely talented individuals as well as our Advisory Board. 

We offer artist development, vocal coaching, professional stage performance coaching, booking and artist representation services, management services, photography, songwriting development and workshops, music lessons, radio promotions, performance venues, opportunities to perform with award winning artists, songwriter circles, professional mentoring, and social media networking just to name a few. 

It is my hope that you will scroll over to the membership tab and sign up today. CCGMA is excited to help you reach your potential as the next star to be discovered!

Thank you,
Jessica Johnson

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