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Jessica Johnson, affectionately referred to as “JJ”, is a renowned award winning recording artist with deep southern roots. JJ is recognized for her talents as a Motivational Speaker, Author, Radio, TV, and Events Promoter, Marketing and

Relations Director , TV Producer, and a BMI Songwriter.

JJ has 45 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry. Highlights of her career have been performing with such greats as Shirley Caesar to Floor Director for the TV show “In Your  Corner." JJ is owner of JJ’s Music and Jessica Johnson Ministries. JJ is very passionate about helping others. 

In her journeys you might find her in a recording studio, speaking at an event, or counseling those in need. For “We Rise By Lifting Others”

                     SPIRITUAL ADVISOR

Chet Bogus, wears many hats. Minister, Pastor, Chaplain, Manager, Union Shop Steward, Leader, Political Campaigner, Labor Organizer and Workman. His experience spans over the course of 30 years. He  is successfully known for developing cohesive relationships on many levels. Chet is a born leader and influencer of labor movements for future generations.

He has assisted in the success of raising the minimum wage and amending the Missouri State Constitution with regards to campaign funding.

He currently holds a Master’s of Divinity specializing in Christian Education from Lincoln Christian University while accruing many hours in Pastoral Leadership from Cincinnati Christian University. Currently, Chet pastors  Pleasant Hill Christian Church in Murphysboro, Illinois. Chet also serves as a Behavior Health Chaplain for the Veterans Administration in Marion, Illinois.



Christina Donohue is Vocalist and Musician. After writing articles with the wonderful Rob Patz. She served as a Promotional Manager for Chris Hester and Joey Canyon.

Christina grew up traveling with her parents, ministering in different churches. Christina has an extensive background in law.


A subject matter expert in her field. Through the years, Christina has been part of gospel groups, where she has appeared in many musical events. She has recorded numerous cd's. She is also a Praise and Worship Leader.


Lonnie started ministry in 1977 when he joined a widely acclaimed gospel quartet. Lonnie's music career spans 3 decades and he's traveled extensively with various groups and solo career. Lonnie also served as an on air personality in the Kansas City market on KEXS radio where he was nominated for D.J. of the year in the mid 90's. Lonnie now serves as the Senior Pastor of Passion Church in Cameron, MO and recently resurrected his music evangelism campaign again. He has songs now himself on radio stations around the nation and his preaching can be heard every Sunday morning and afternoon on the WOTG network of radio stations.

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