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Rick Vaughn is a Missouri native. He has spent the majority of his life living in the rural areas of Southwest Missouri. He grew up with very strong conservative values which have shaped his life and music. He is passionate about music and enjoys writing. His songs reflect his strong family ties and simple living. Therefore his music can be related to by all people. Everyone has experienced love, and loss, hurt and joy. Rick has written songs that will tug at your heartstrings and others that will make your feet want to get up and dance. Rick is a rounded songwriter with songs in many genres. From Country to Contemporary Christian. 


Rick is currently the Bass player and occasional actor on the TV show Kelly's Kountry Junktion which is a family-friendly music and comedy show. He and his wife own and operate a little country store called Piccadilly Junktion which is located in South Greenfield, Missouri. You may see the Piccadilly Junktion as the set for several music videos. As well as it is the location for many summertime picking corners for artist near and far. 

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