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Some are of the thought that there are many Major Labels to choose from, but in fact there are 3 Major Labels: Sony-BMG, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. EMI was purchased by Universal Music Group in 2012. All the “major labels” are sub-labels under one of the 3 Major Labels. i.e. Columbia, Arista, Epic, Provident, RCA, and all subsidiary labels fall under Sony-BMG. It’s one big musical tree, all starting with the 3 Major Label’s.

The Independent Label is independent from the Major Labels. There are numerous Independent Labels; all varying in methods and genres and experience levels. Nevertheless, a true Independent Label means they are independent. A plus to an Independent Label is that an artist can have  a more personal attention approach. It can also be less strenuous on the artist in a more close working environment. Theres something to be said about adding a more personal involvement. 

In this day and time and age of technology, the function of labels has evolved into a whole new face. Technologies are not limited solely to Labels in the industry. There are many choices an artist can make. Signing with a Label is not the end all to ones music career. However, it can help.

Ultimately, it is up to the artist as to which path to take. There can be success in either "Label" path an artist takes. May I suggest prayerfully consider your options, you can never go wrong with God leading the way.



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